Saturday, March 17, 2012

The New Loafer


     I was in “awe” when I discovered these shoes.  In my opinion they are INGENIOUS.  Not only are they a classic, iconic loafer they also serve a very practical purpose.  As we all know, fashion can sometimes lack practicality.  The founder and Creative Director of Swims, Johan Ringdal, was inspired by the ever changing Manhattan weather and the issue of his nice shoes getting wet with the rain, snow, and slush.   He basically has improved and modernized the galoshes or rain boots that we have come to adore and love during the icky weather days.  To learn more about this water-proof loafer visit:
1.  Extremely Comfortable
2.  Water-proof
3.  Anti-bacterial and Odor-Resistant EVA Mesh Lining
4.  Breathable Vents
5.  Perfect for College Students, Travel, City Folk, and the "Everyday" Lifestyle  

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